Ask. Discover. Create.

Life is about learning. It’s about the moment, about everyday and how we approach it. One very important lesson I have learned is this: Ask a question that teaches you something. Have you ever had that “Aha” moment that Oprah talks about? No matter how small or big that “Aha” moment is I know you’ve had it. Well when do you get that moment? When you have discovered something, a revelation! In essence when you learned something new about yourself, about others about the world, how something works, etc…

I used to think that I should know everything about a topic before I pursued it either in conversation or action so as not to appear foolish. Let’s face it we don’t know everything about everything.  That’s the whole point, that’s the journey we are on…discovery. It we don’t learn we don’t grow, don’t progress – AHA!

I wish I could go back and tell my younger self, it’s okay that you don’t know everything. It’s okay to ask a question even if it seems foolish. We never stop learning. I’m continuously reminding myself of this because yes from time to time I fall back into that state of mind where I feel foolish for not knowing something. 

Asking a question that teaches us something isn’t limited to asking someone else, it can also mean asking yourself a question. Discovery and exploration fuel creativity. Self-discovery is just as important. Learning about your self can change your life. It can unleash that creativity and potential you might have hidden deep.


Today, ask a question that teaches you something.