My Getaway to Calgary

As you may have noticed I've been away for awhile. Summer was upon us and as you know, it can be an active time of year having guests over or traveling yourself. Well I had the pleasure of both. As the season for summer vacations draws to a close I took one last trip before fall begins to beautiful Calgary, Alberta in Canada. I happen to have a soft spot for this place, not only because I have family there but because it is a beautiful nature-filled place especially in the summer. Although weather can vary from cool to hot and anything in between, summer is a wonderful time of year to visit and believe me the weather was a pleasant change of pace from 100 degree Fahrenheit Texas temperature. With the beautiful Canadian Rockies to the West and quaint downtown to the beautiful parks like Prince Island next to the Bow River and Fish Creek not to far off; and not to forget an array of restaurants for the food lovers, it is definitely a great getaway!

A day after I arrived it was a cool day so we kept it low key. The next few days the skies cleared up delivering us beautiful days. On one of those days we decided to explore the park next to the Bow River that runs next to downtown. We walked down a long staircase down (huffing and puffing) to the river and crossed the bridge to get to Prince Island. It opened up to a large park with small grassy hills and pathways. Since it was a beautiful day there were many people out and about, picnicing, riding their bikes and reading; there was even a man in the middle of one of the many green grassy lawn all by himself practicing his impressive yoga poses. You could see downtown across the water, there was a outside theater nestled in the park as well as a restaurant. It was a smaller version of what Central Park would be in New York. Although if we ventured a bit more further into the park we would of seen so much more.


In the evening we hit an offbeat watering hole that had an ambiance and a sense of style all on it's own which was obvious from the moment we sat down and were given our cocktail menus.  The menu featured original unexpected illustrations along with their unique concoctions of cocktails, each page featuring drinks from specific liquor such as whiskey, gin, rum and so on. Along with the cocktails they serve small plates of food perfect and as unique to nibble on. I much enjoyed this place and would definitely go back when in Calgary again.

During one of those gorgeous days that weekend we headed out towards the mountains.  We had been given a suggestion to go on a hike at Grassy Lake Trail in Canmore. Oh and so glad we did. Such an amazing place. But then again I should not be suprised, when it comes to nature, the Canadian Rockies have many gems to reveal.  And this was definitely one. We began our hike with a warning of bear sightings and so we nervously hiked up being conscious of every noise coming from the woods but as it was a very busy day on this trail with many people hiking, the nervousness faded quickly and the huffing and puffing began as we climbed our way up. We were told it best to take the hard trail up and the easy way down and for someone who lives mainly on flat land and not use to hiking, there were times I just had to stop and catch my breath but it also gave me the opportunity to enjoy the view. Finally climbing up through a hill of rocks there it was, one of the most beautiful lakes I've seen and for a specific reason. The vivid color. The lake boasted vivid shades of bright greens surrounded by the forrest and and cliffs. Absolutely breathtaking. The hard hike up was definitely worth it! 

One of the illustrations featured on the cover of Proof Cocktail Bar's Menu

One of the illustrations featured on the cover of Proof Cocktail Bar's Menu


These were just a few of the things I was able to experience in Calgary on this trip but I assure you there is much more. I cannot end this post without mentioning Banff National Park In an earlier post called Natural Beauty I told you about the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park and their majestic beauty. You can see the video fro that post to see more about the Canadian Rockies or you can see some of the photographs I took by clicking on the Photography tab in the navigation bar or click here. This is probably the biggest attraction there and why millions flock to Calgary and Banff. If you have never been, it is definitely a place to visit.