"Geniuses" Catching The Eye of Movie Makers Give Us A Refreshing Perspective.

In the recent years movies about physicists, mathematicians and geniuses have caught the attention of main media.  Movies such as The Man who Knew Infinity, about Srinivasa Ramanujan, a mathematician from India who made his way to England and whose mathmatical genius brought forth formulas that are used today to study entities such as black holes. Or the movie Imitation Game about Alan Turing, someone who now is known as being the father of theoretical computer science and who helped defeat the Nazis with the Enigma Machine. And the movie Theory of Everything about Stephen Hawking, the well known physicist. In the movie we get a glimpse at his life and his journey. It's as if we are having a history, science, physics and/or math lesson all in the form that we all can relate to. It makes the subject and the people more relatable, intriguing and inspiring.  It introduces us to the world of math and science, a world of innovation and discovery and the beauty of it all in a way that we would not have looked at otherwise.  It portrays a story of these remarkable people, geniuses as it is. It allows us to see a glimpse into their world but at the same time it makes us realize that they are just like us. It shows us their obstacles and how they were able to still achieve greatness despite their hardships and sometimes because of their hardships. It's wonderful that we are seeing more movies of this genre. Not only are we entertained but we are educated and inspired at the same time. It helps us discover and take a deeper look at something we might had avoided just because it may have been out of reach or difficult to understand. It introduces science and it's subjects in a much more approachable way.