Short Films

As a huge fan of movies, I had yet to discover the world of short films. I never gave much thought to them until I came across a few that really facilitated an appreciation and curiosity for them.  I began to wonder about being able to convey a story, situation and/or subject matter in a span of minutes compared to a whole feature film.  It's challenging yet quite impressive when done right. Now, I'm no expert on the subject (since my interest in the shorts is a recent one), all I can do is share and talk about few that have sparked my interest and about a friend who is just beginning his journey in this world of short films in hopes that it may encourage you to take a second look at short films.

In the season of film festivals, there are many short films to look forward to, one in particular I am excited about is The Answers, a film by Michael Goode and Daniel Lissing.  A story of life, death and love lost all in a span of about 8 minutes or so. My curiosity is peaked.  With a few awards already under it's belt, it's one to look out for.  There next film festival is today in LA. at the LA Shorts Fest. For more information on this film check out there Facebook page,

Los Angeles! We’re finally bringing our award winning short film "The Answers" home to LA Shorts Fest @ LA Live! Friday,...

Posted by The Answers on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another upcoming filmmaker is a friend of mine from Filo Pickens Productions, Phillip Abraham.  His short film Buzzed is debuting at the Austin Revolution Film Festival this month as well. It's inspiring to witness his journey as a film maker, enjoying what he does and using his creativity to bring something to life.  Wishing you well Phillip. You can learn more about Buzzed and Filo Pickens Production at .