Natural Beauty

If you haven't visited the Candaian Rockies, you should, at least once. I've had the opportunity to visit Banff National Park, located near Calgary, Alberta twice now and I hope to go back again soon. The sheer beauty of this place gives you a sense of awe at nature's creation. What I love to do when visiting this place is taking some time even if it's a few minutes and being able to sit in in a space of utter stillness. Visit my photo gallery to see photos of this beautiful landscape that I took while there or click here. I also want to share this amazing  video that I came across called Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies. It's simply amazing and depicts the Canadian Rockies magnificently.  I hope this inspires you to go outside where ever you are and just observe the beauty in nature that surrounds us.  Even if you live in a city. Go outside and look up at the sky or watch a the leaves of a tree sway in the wind; it's amazing how that can fill you up inside and make you smile, even if it's for a few seconds.