History to Hip-Hop

One day as I was flipping through channels, I happened to stumble onto 60 Minutes.  The story that they had on at the time caught my attention.  It was about this enthusiastic and talented 35 year old playwright, Lin-Manuel Miranda who took the life story of Andrew Hamilton from a book he picked up while on a vacation to Mexico and made it into a hip-hop, singing, dancing production.  He was so enchanted by Hamilton's story after reading Ron Chernow New York Times best selling biography, Alexander Hamilton, he put on his creative cap and brought to life a contemporary, full of life musical.

HIs approach in telling the story of the first Secretary of Treasury of the United States with hip-hop songs, dance numbers and a multi-racial cast was inventive and creative.  And his enthusiasm for this project compared to none.  What impressed me was his excitement for the historical figure and his unrelenting determination to tell the story through new, fresh eyes…his eyes.  You could see the excitement and joy on his face as he talked about his project. He wrote the lyrics to the hip-hop style songs, he played the main character Andrew Hamilton and brought this musical to life with creative flair.  He is one to definitely keep a look out for.  Take a look at the video below of him debuting a song from the album that led to the musical in front of President Obama and the First Lady among other White House officials and guests.