I Can't Just Choose One

Are you one of those people who have multiple passions?  Do you feel overwhelmed because you think that you have to choose one and settle with it?  Sometimes I feel like that's me. And so when I came across a refreshing TED talk (you can see the video below) by Emelie Wapnick that talks about "multipotentialites" as she call those with multiple passions It brought a smile to my face. She let's us know that it's okay and is actually a good thing to have many passion over a lifetime. Listening to her viewpoint on the subject gave me a boost of encouragement. Intersecting passions can lead to out of the box creativity and in a constantly changing world this is something that is needed to progress and change and discover.  Learn from every passion. So go on, explore your passions. See where they take you. It might be end up as an amazing and unexpected adventure. I would love to here from anyone who has taken their different passions and combined them to create innovative projects.